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Becoming Re-Enchanted

Argothian Enchantress is a card that helped to define formats like Extended, and even saw fairly extensive play in Legacy at some points. These days, it’s a fringe card that rarely sees the light of day. That said, Enchantress decks have gotten quite a few exciting toys in recent sets, and it should surprise no one that there are players who want to see what the archetype can do:

Argothian Enchantress
As with most Enchantress decks, this deck is wg based. Green gives you access to all the acceleration and Enchantress effects, while White gives you ways to stall out the game and Serra's Sanctum. One of the big evolutions of this deck in recent years is the addition of Green Sun's Zenith and Living Wish as addition copies of Argothian Enchantress. Having more consistent access to an early Argothian Enchantress means that your extra ramp effects like Wild Growth and Utopia Sprawl are more likely to be cantrips. That lets you hit a critical mass of Enchantments and start locking your opponent out of meaningful plays earlier in the game.

In addition to the Green Sun's Zenith and Living Wish technology, this deck has picked up Ixalan's Binding. This card is an incredible way to lock opponents out of their key threats or answers. Being able to hit a card like Jace, the Mind Sculptor or Tarmogoyf in some matchups can make it enormously difficult for your opponent to actually win the game.

The next exciting evolution for this deck is the inclusion of Doomwake Giant. Previously, this deck would rely on the likes of Moat to prevent creature decks from interacting. However, there are plenty of decks, such as Elves, that can easily filter through their deck, destroy one enchantment, and deal lethal damage all in one turn. Consequently, this deck has been able to adopt Doomwake Giant as a means of beating cards like Young Pyromancer, Elves, and other swarm strategies.

Lastly, the addition of Rest in Peace and Helm of Obedience is an exciting change for this strategy. Before, you’d have to rely on cards like Words of War to kill your opponent over multiple turns. Even Sigil of the Empty Throne is a slow way of trying to value your opponent to death. Not only is Rest in Peace a powerful haymaker against decks that rely too heavily on Snapcaster Mage and Tarmogoyf, but it also gives you a means of ending games quickly if it’s necessary.

All in all, the Enchantress strategies are an exciting alternative to some of the more mainstream Legacy strategies. You have plenty of wonky cards like Elephant Grass and Solitary Confinement that can just end games against opponents who are unprepared. These quirky bits of interaction combined with plenty of acceleration and card advantage is a potent recipe, particularly now that the deck has gained so much consistency.

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