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Renegade Forge


For eternal formats, Renegade Rallier is one of this most interesting cards to come out of Aether Revolt. It’s not just a more efficient removal spell or a combo piece, it’s an entirely new engine that decks can be built around. It functions as ramp spell, recursion for value cards, and even a combo piece alongside Saffi Eriksdotter. So just how deep can we go in building around Renegade Rallier tricks? There’s a wacky Modern midrange deck that looks like it’s trying to find out:

Crucible of Worlds
There’s a lot to like about how this deck is built. At the core, you’re just another Collected Company deck. The difference is that you go slightly bigger than the other Collected Company builds. Instead of hitting Kitchen Finks and company, you’re hitting Courser of Kruphix and Knight of the Reliquary. That means you’ve got a better beatdown plan and more card advantage built in, but you’re giving up the ability to just combo your opponent out.

Make no mistake, this is a beatdown deck. You can start the clock early with Tarmogoyf and Voice of Resurgence, then follow up with Knight of the Reliquary and Collected Company to keep the pressure up. You’re better suited to play long games because Knight and Courser give you more consistent access to powerful lands like Gavony Township and Horizon Canopy, as well as any creature lands you might be inclined to play. One interaction that’s worth noting in particular is the one between Voice of Resurgence and Collected Company. With Voice in play, you can freely cast Collected Company on your opponent’s turn, since any interaction with it gives you an enormous body.

Then there are the Rallier tricks. Sure, you can stop at rebuying Fetches, Ghost Quarter, or Horizon Canopy; those are plenty good enough, after all. But you can also buyback Voice of Resurgence, Qasali Pridemage, and Scavenging Ooze in matchups where those cards are particularly effective. Also note that Rallier isn’t the only piece of the value land engine in this deck. Courser helps you slowly find more Ghost Quarters and Horizon Canopy than other variants of this deck, which is especially great with Tireless Tracker. In addition, the deck is also playing a Crucible of Worlds and an Azusa, Lost but Seeking? You’ve got an awesome endgame engine that involves turning Ghost Quarter into Strip Mines.

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