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Slayin' It

When I first started paying attention to Legacy, there was a Mono-White Ancient Tomb deck that featured Exalted Angel and Armageddon that I was always excited to see. The ability to use Mox Diamond and Chrome Mox in conjunction with Ancient Tomb to Morph and flip an early Exalted Angel was incredibly powerful and exciting at the time. Imagine my excitement so many years later to find a deck that’s doing something very similar:

Baneslayer Angel
This deck is super exciting. You’re playing the same core of cards as most other Ancient Tomb decks. You’ve got some other acceleration in the form of Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond as well as Chalice of the Void, Trinisphere, and other two-mana, colorless disruption. Previous iterations of this style of deck have even played cards like Suppression Field to turn off fetch lands.

The key to these Ancient Tombs decks is that you need a means of actually closing out the game after you lock your opponent out with a Chalice of the Void at one. Some decks use cards like Goblin Rabblemaster or Sea Drake, this one opts instead for Palace Jailer and leveraging Monarch status to make it even harder for your opponent to ever do anything. On top of that, you even get to play with Baneslayer Angel and Pristine Angel. In Legacy.

There are lots of powerful ways to lock your opponent out of the game in White. Palace Jailer is starting to come into vogue as a powerful means of controlling the board and putting grindy Blue decks under pressure to actually engage with you in combat or just get ground down by your Monarch engine. All of that disruption and pressure combined with threats like Baneslayer Angel that end the game on the spot if unanswered.

All told, this looks like a very fun deck to play, and it’s an exciting new take on an older archetype that shows us just how many interesting tools have been printed in recent years. Palace Jailers is proving that it is a very powerful card in Legacy, as long as you put in the work during deck-building to ensure maximize it.

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