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Bearer of Bad Noose

This is very similar to a deck that was featured not too long ago, and the fundamental concepts are the same - combining Vengevine, Hollow One, and Bridge from Below into some monstrosity that can get on the board early and end games quickly. That said, this deck has a couple of interesting modifications that make it particularly exciting. Let’s take a look:

Noose Constrictor
We’ve seen all manner of decks that feature the combination of Hollow One and Vengevine, usually powered by Cathartic Reunion and Faithless Looting, and now Burning Inquiry and Goblin Lore. This deck goes a step further and adds Bridge from Below alongside zero-mana creatures like Walking Ballista and Hangarback Walker.

Previous iterations of this deck were somewhat short on discard outlets, particularly those that allowed you to develop your board. Some people have tried Fauna Shaman over Cathartic Reunion, but the cost of not being able to discard Bridge from Below is non-zero.

There are two exciting new inclusions in this build that try to solve the issues with consistency: Flamekin Harbinger and Noose Constrictor. Flamekin Harbinger is another cheap creature to help put Vengevines into play, but also lets you put a Vengevine on top of your deck to be discarded and cheated into play on the next turn. You also get some amount of utility by being able to tutor up sideboard cards such as Spitebellows or Ingot Chewer depending on how you build your deck. Noose Constrictor, on the other hand, allows you to freely discard your Vengevines and Bridges and reduce the cost of your Hollow Ones all while beating down.

These may seem like small adjustments to what was already a reasonable deck - and they are. It’s just always interesting to see how decks become more streamlined by testing these variations on the theme. This is a build that is less explosive due to playing fewer zero-mana creatures. However, it can execute the gameplan more consistently because you can more readily find Vengevines and get cards into your graveyard.

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