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Visions of Prophecy


One of the most interesting cards coming out of Amonkhet is As Foretold This is card can generate enormous mana advantages over the course of a game and enables a number of cool interactions with cards that have no mana cost. While there are certainly a number of combotastic applications for this type of card, one of the most straightforward places to put it is in a fairly traditional wu Control deck:

As Foretold
The key interaction here is As Foretold allowing you to cast Ancestral Vision and Restore Balance without paying the suspend cost. This interaction, in conjunction with Tolaria West to ensure that you can find the appropriate costless spell, means you have a great level of consistency, particularly given that you can chain copies of Ancestral Vision. And really, that’s the game changer: your second and third copies of Ancestral Vision are suddenly live, rather than being utter blanks.

And that’s ignoring As Foretold does so many other cool tricks. It makes your sweepers much better, since you can cast them off of As Foretold and still leave up a ton of mana for counterspells. You can do similar things with your Planeswalkers and other threats. It also means that you can cast your threats while activating Celestial Colonnade to turn the corner a little more quickly.

All in all, As Foretold adds an exciting new dimension to this style of deck, while solving a number of the issues it had previously with tempo and dead draws. If you’re looking for a simple, powerful shell for As Foretold, look no further.

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