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A Cause for Rebellion


Legacy is a format with near limitless possibilities. The interaction is so efficient and the value engines are so varied that you can find all kinds of crazy ways to help your cards line up effectively against opposing ones. With so many strategies in Legacy becoming increasingly streamlined and linear, it's not especially surprising that there are some exciting fringe strategies that can take advantage of it:

Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero
This deck is crazy, and there are so many interesting interactions that I'm not even sure where to start. Classically, rebels play well with cantrips because they give you the ability to shuffle your deck while generating value. The amount of selection you get with Ponder and Brainstorm combined with at-will shuffle effects is substantial, and means that you have many opportunities to ensure that you're finding the cards that line up well against your opponent. On top of that, Training Grounds make it easy for you to leave up mana for interaction and still develop your board.

What's really interesting is the selection of rebels in this deck. Ramosian Sergeant is the most important rebel, as it is the cheapest, and can sneak in under counterspells. You have a plethora of two-drop rebels to go up the chain, including Amrou Scout, Ramosian Lieutenant, and Defiant Falcon depending on what you need. Topping out your Rebel curve is Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero. Lin-Sivvi is key to this deck because she allows you to recycle key rebels once your opponents have dealt with them for the first time. You can even loop your Lin Sivvis, as long as your opponent is relying on Fatal Push instead of Swords to Plowshares.

You've also got a couple of very interesting tutor targets for very specific situations. Bound in Silence and Whipcorder are great against cards like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Marit Lage. Aven Riftwatcher does a great job of helping you race and generally keeping your life total out of the red zone. Mirror Entity is a terrifying win condition that can come out of nowhere and plays well with Training Grounds. You could even go further and play cards like Nightwind Glider if you expect to see mostly Black removal and a lot of Gurmag Anglers.

All in all, this is a really interesting take on tempo in this format. You have all manner of interesting tutor targets, and can easily leave up your mana to threaten interaction and develop your board only if your opponent doesn't commit anything. Training Grounds is a great way to cheat on mana and get a bunch of rebels into play quickly. Once you've gotten one or two Rebel activations, you're just an end-of-turn Mirror Entity away from killing your opponent.

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