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Children of the Karn


One of the most interesting things about Dominaria is how it has breathed new life into the artifact synergies out of Kaladesh block. Suddenly there are a myriad of cards that care about historic spells and powerful new artifacts to play with. This has led to all kinds of cool decks featuring cards like The Antiquities War in control decks. Of course, there's also the possibility of using these cards to get aggressive:

Karn, Scion of Urza
Karn, Scion of Urza is the key here. Your goal is to play a bunch of cheap artifacts that do a reasonable job of beating down or interacting so that you can make enormous monsters with Karn and win the game with ease. Besides Karn, you have a dearth of tricky Blue creatures backed up by artifact synergies.

Aether Swooper is a cheap, evasive threat that adds to your ability to go wide to sneak in damage. Merfolk Trickster is really good at forcing through a few extra points of damage on key turns, both as just a flash creature and as a tap effect. Tempest Djinn is an enormous threat at all points in the game in a deck with 24 Islands, and Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp will consistently come down on the fourth turn thanks to the high density of artifacts in this deck.

The artifact support is nothing to scoff at either. Metallic Rebuke is a fine counterspell, particularly when you can reduce the cost to just one. Pacification Array does a great job of clearing the way for your large fliers. Blink of an Eye is a great interactive spell, getting opposing creatures out of the way and also protecting your creatures from removal. Treasure Map is great for helping you dig for your Tempest Djinns and keeping ahead on cards.

All told, this seems like a really interesting deck. Karn is a fantastic threat in a format where people have shifted towards Seal Away and Fumigate as removal. Your Tempest Djinns and Zahids don't necessarily line up great against White removal spells, but they are very good against Red removal and are more than capable of winning races on their own. This seems like a great way to get aggressive in the new Standard format without having the break your budget.

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