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Like Clockwork


We’re all used to seeing Lantern Control as the artifact control deck of Modern. That said, there are plenty of situations where Lantern Control starts to lose some of its ability to execute its gameplan. Cards like Search for Azcanta or instant-speed card drawing can really throw a wrench in the works, and you can have a little trouble getting off the ground and finding both an Ensnaring Bridge and Witchbane Orb against aggressive decks with the ability to burn you out. This week, ItIsUnfair has a new take on artifact control that tries to address some of these concerns and attack from a slightly different angle:

The Antiquities War
Where Lantern Control is built around the combination of Ensnaring Bridge, Lantern of Insight, and various Codex Shredder effects, this deck eschews most of that. Instead, you’ve got a lot of powerful singletons that can swing matchups on their own, rather than an engine that tries to lock your opponent out of the game. Engineered Explosives can single-handedly end games against decks like Affinity, Elves, and Bogles. Ensnaring Bridge is still a monstrously powerful card against creature decks of all varieties. Vedalken Shackles and the Thopter Foundry plus Sword of the Meek combo are great at locking out creature decks and letting you pressure control decks.

There’s a lot of flexibility to this deck, and the combination of Whir of Invention, Thoughtcast, and The Antiquities War means that you’re going to be able to find your singletons with a high degree of consistency. All of your small choices - how many Welding Jars to play, which silver bullets you need to beat up on fringe strategies - are going to matter quite a bit, since you have the ability to find the cards that can swing those matchups in Game 1.

If you want to play a Mox Opal control deck, but aren’t interesting in doing Lantern of Insight things, this seems like fun and powerful choice for your next Modern event.

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