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Spirited Away


We’ve seen a couple of takes in Spirits in Modern over the last couple of years. The advent of Spell Queller and Rattlechains as a means of staying ahead on tempo gives the tribe enough instant-speed interaction to compete in Modern. However, most of the builds we’ve seen thus far have been reliant on Noble Hierarch and Collected Company to stay ahead on cards. This week, Linxiao is more interested in focusing on disruption than tribal beatdown:

Spell Queller
This is somewhere in between the Bant Spirits deck that we’ve seen before and the White-based hatebears decks. Instead of Collected Company letting you cheat on mana, Aether Vial does that job here, and instead of anemic Spirits and Noble Hierarchs, you get to play proactive, disruptive threats like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Leonin Arbiter.

A huge part of the power of this deck is the combination of Aether Vial and Spirits. With so many of your creatures naturally having flash and Aether Vial giving you the ability to play more than one of them, it becomes even harder for your opponent to navigate the combinations of disruptive creatures you might have. Sure, they can wait to cast spells into Spell Queller until they also have a removal spell, but then you can just cast both Spell Queller and Rattlechains, or set up a Mausoleum Wanderer or Thalia to protect your Spell Queller.

If you want a deck packed with disruptive attackers that plays particularly well against control strategies, this seems like a great choice. There are a myriad of tricks that your opponents have to worry about, and with so many of your cards being played at instant-speed, they won’t be able to play around everything.

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