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Insane Decisions


In a format like Legacy, there are a lot of two-card combos. Leyline of the Void and Helm of Obedience. Painter's Servant and Grindstone. Show and Tell and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Dark Depths and Thespian's Stage. At a certain point, there’s such a density of two-card combinations that you start to wonder what happens if you just jam a bunch of them into the same 75. Can you consistently draw two combo pieces that go together? There’s only one way to find out:

Dark Depths
How concerned are you about the existence of Force of Will? That’s the question you have to answer before you elect to play a deck like this. If you want a deck that plays through Force of Will and other Blue interaction, there are certainly decks that are better at that. However, if you just want to try to kill your opponent on the first or second turn of the game, this is a great way to try to do it.

You’ve got all kinds of combos in this deck that are capable of all kinds of things. The most straightforward way to win is to lead off with Dark Ritual into Entomb plus Shallow Grave. Then you can Griselbrand plus Children of Korlis your way into a win with Laboratory Maniac. You can also lead off with Dark Ritual off of a Lotus Petal and play both Dark Depths and Vampire Hexmage. You can even use Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Lion's Eye Diamond to help activate Thespian's Stage early in the game.

The key to this style of deck is that you’ve cut a lot of the cantrips and interactive elements from a deck like bu Reanimator in favor of jamming way more combo pieces into your deck. You have to keep that in mind when you make your mulligan decisions and when you consider what to play around. You have to know which combo you’re most likely to be able to piece together and what spells you might have a chance at beating versus which ones you just have to hope your opponent doesn’t have.

If you want to just do something degenerate early on in the game and force your opponent to have answers or die, this is a great way to try to do it.

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