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A More Resiliant Strain


Infect has been on the rise in Modern over recent weeks. As people are exploring various resilient combo decks to fight against decks like Humans and Jeskai, people have been looking to various takes on Infect to kill just a little faster. In particular, builds of Infect that lean on cards like Assault Strobe to give you access to even more turn two and three kills have been the variants of choice. However, there are other options if Jesaki is what you’re worried about. One card in particular seems like it ought to have quite a bit of value in this format, and Team5c is out to show people what it is:

Phyrexian Crusader
This deck is all about Phyrexian Crusader. This card is almost untouchable in this format, and does just about everything you could ask. It’s an incredible blocker and attacker against Humans, buying you the time you need to set up and then attacking past their blockers to kill them in just one fell swoop. It’s also great against Jeskai, as it is immune to the overwhelming majority of their interactive spells. Sure, you lose to cards like Collective Brutality and Fatal Push, but when Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile are the removal spells of choice, Phyrexian Crusader is a great way to ensure that you have a resilient threat to kill your opponent.

Beyond Phyrexian Crusader, this deck also gains access to discard spells since you’re playing Black over the more traditional Blue. Discard spells give you more game against non-interactive combo decks like Krark-Clan Ironworks and Tron, which have been overperforming in recent weeks. Where counterspells can be more effective in protecting your threats, discard is better at ensuring that you can outrace your opponent.

Because Plague Stinger is available in these colors, you actually don’t give up a whole lot in terms of the density of your infect creatures. This particular build sacrifices some of the Might of Old Krosas and Groundswells in favor of disruption, so you’re not quite as good at killing on the first few turns of the game, but the additional disruption may be worth it depending on what you expect to see.

If you’re looking to play a disruptive game backup up by resilient threats with explosive kill potential, this build of Infect seems like it could be a great choice for the next couple of weeks.

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