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An Emergent Threat


We've seen a number of exciting takes on Eldrazi in Modern over the last couple of years. Colorless builds featuring splashy bombs, rg builds with Bloodbraid Elf and Ancient Stirrings, wu Builds with Eldrazi Displacer and Drowner of Hope. However, today's deck is different than all of those, because it tries to go just a little bigger. Let's take a look:

Elder Deep-Fiend
There's a lot to be excited about in this deck. First, there's Serum Powder to allow you to more consistently have access to Eldrazi Temple starts. Second, there's Eternal Scourge, which is a recursive threat and a card you're thrilled to pitch to Serum Powder. Third, there's the splash for Eldrazi Skyspawner, which does a fantastic job of helping you buy time against aggressive decks like Humans while you establish your board presence.

Then there's the top end. This deck is different from other Eldrazi decks because it plays a number of Emerge threats - specifically Elder Deep-Fiend and Abundant Maw in the maindeck. These cards are an incredible way to swing a race, and play particularly well with your Sanctum of Ugins so that you can try to chain them together. This lets you keep your life total just outside the red zone or keep your opponent off of key quantities and colors of mana for a few turns while you chip in for the last couple points of damage.

Another strength of this deck is the commitment to Gemstone Caverns. Gemstone Caverns is yet another card that allows you to take advantage of Eternal Scourge while also accelerating into possible turn one Chalice of the Void or Matter Reshaper. The ability to steal some tempo back from opponents who won the die roll is critical for decks like this that are a little slow without key cards like Eldrazi Temple.

If you've been playing midrangey Eldrazi decks like, but have been finding yourself to be a turn or so too slow for the format, this is an interesting alternative. The Blue and Black splash allow for all manner of interesting options such as Distended Mindbender or potentially cheap disruption. The Eternal Scourge engine gives you some resiliency to control decks and a means of generating both card advantage and tempo. The emerge creatures are a great way to go over the top, swing races in your favor, and generate a burst power to close out games against combo and control.

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