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Hidden Strategies


There were a couple of weeks in pre-Dominaria Standard where Hidden Stockpile variants were on the rise. Since the new set hit, we've seen very few token strategies, in large part due to the ubiquity of Goblin Chainwhirler. This week, Humpaa may have found a way to build a Hidden Stockpile deck that can stand up to Goblin Chainwhirler:

Hidden Stockpile
The core strategy of this deck hasn't changed. On a macro-level, you're looking to assemble multiple copies of Hidden Stockpile and Anointed Procession so that you can go very wide and overwhelm your opponent with servos. The problem with that strategy in the current Standard format is that Goblin Chainwhirler can easily undo all of your work while getting you dead. So what's the answer?

Humpaa has tried to solve this problem by moving away from tokens with 1 toughness. Instead of leaning into cards like Sram's Expertise and the like, Humpaa is playing with History of Benalia and Regal Caracal. These two cards demand non-Chainwhirler answers and help create multiple blockers so that your opponent can't just kill you with Earthshaker Khenra and Ahn-Crop Crasher.

To keep your life out of the red zone, you have Anointer Priest, which can stall the ground or demand a burn spell early and then come back later to help keep you alive. You also have access to Karn, Scion of Urza as both a card advantage engine and a way to make a huge creature to protect you. The top of your curve is Vraska, Relic Seeker, who can unlock permanents stuck under Cast Outs and the like or just take over the game by generating Pirates.

Goblin Chainwhirler is a huge problem for Hidden Stockpile strategies, but Humpaa is showing us that there are ways to build your deck that aren't just dead to the three-drop. If you still want to grind away with your Hidden Stockpiles and Anointed Processions and try to go way bigger than your opponents are prepared for, it looks like it may still be possible.

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