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In recent weeks, we saw the rise of a Mono-White Oketra's Monument deck that went much wider than anything else in the format. The deck utilized Oketra's Monument plus Bygone Bishop to ensure that you never ran out of cards or random value creatures to power your various engines. With a deck like this it’s always important to identify how best to strike a balance between power and synergy. The evolution of this deck seems to show that there’s power to be gained by adding powerful wu interactive cards instead of some of the synergistic white cards. Let’s take a look:

Bygone Bishop
The gameplan is the same as before. You use cheap White creatures and Oketra's Monument to flood the board, either to apply pressure or to block and keep your opponent from making substantial progress against your life total. The addition of Blue to the deck means that you get additional interaction in the form of Spell Queller as well as a card advantage engine in Cloudblazer. Cloudblazer is particularly exciting in conjunction with Aviary Mechanic.

Bygone Bishop is still a primary card advantage engine, ensuring that you always have access to ways to spend your mana. In conjunction with Cloudblazer, this engine helps to ensure that you can always stay ahead on cards against your opponent. You can even get into situations where you can loop through Aviary Mechanics with a Bygone Bishop in play to make sure you never run out of Clues to crack.

The end game involves utilizing Hanweir Militia Captain to keep the pressure up, particulary when it flips into Westvale Cult Leader. Alternatively, you can just make an Ormendahl, Profane Prince if that’s something your opponent isn’t well-prepared for.

All in all, this is a flexible deck that’s capable of generating a huge number of creatures or cards, and going big or wide in a huge variety of ways. There’s all manner of interesting interactions and synergistic tricks that makes this deck as powerful as any of the other top contenders in the format. If you’re looking for something that’s more than just a pile of good cards, this is certainly where you want to be.

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