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A Little Sunlight


Vintage Dredge is an interesting monster. You know you’re going to play the full number of copies of Bazaar of Baghdad, Golgari Grave-Troll, and Serum Powder. Beyond that, there’s a shocking amount of flexibility in how you build it. Some builds assume that they’re never going to generate mana, leaning on Bazaar and Dread Return to get things done. Others play Sun Titan and Petrified Field to get additional Bazaars into play later in the game. However, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a list quite like this:

Sun Titan
This deck plays a package that we see occasionally, Sun Titan plus Black Lotus. This combination lets you cast key spells on appropriate turns. In this case, once your Dread Return resolves you can cast cards like Life from the Loam or Laboratory Maniac. Loam lets you re-buy Bazaars or Strip Mines to prevent your opponent from interacting with your engine in substantive ways.

What’s interesting about this deck is that you have no copies of Bridge from Below, which means you’re actually dependent on resolving spells to win. Sure, you can steal a game or two with Bloodghasts and Prized Amalgams, but you’re more likely to need to win the game with Griselbrand shenanigans. The idea is that you can dredge most of your deck with Griselbrand and then Dread Return a Sun Titan into play to rebuy Laboratory Maniac to win the game on the spot.

Something important to note is the disruption suite. Typically, dredge decks are dependent on Cabal Therapy as a disruption engine, as it is synergistic with Bridge from Below. Once you don’t have to lean on Bridge, you can make space for cards like Force of Will to play a more reactive game. Additionally, since you’re playing Riftstone Portal, you can utilize Comply out of the graveyard to prevent your opponent from casting key spells to buy yourself an extra turn.

If you’re looking for a dredge deck with a lot of interesting angles and interactive elements, this certainly qualifies. I’m not sure that this deck is more powerful that the more all-in variants of dredge with Bridge from Below, but there’s certainly value to be gained in matchups where you’re racing by having turn zero interaction in the form of Force of Will and Mindbreak Trap, as well as playing enough lands to reasonably fight through a Sphere of Resistance or two.

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