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Fire and Blood


Some of the most exciting cards coming out of Core Set 2019 are the Elder Dragons. These cards returning to Standard after so many years has many players itching to play with them, whether they’re good or not. Fortunately, they’re all very good, and Chaotic Camel has found a way to squeeze a bunch of them into one deck:

Sarkhan, Fireblood
This deck looks like a blast to play. You’ve got access to all the removal in Red and Black to keep pace with aggressive decks. You’ve got Sarkhan, Fireblood to sneak in under control decks to accelerate you into threats and rummmage away your lands. Glorybringer and Nicol Bolas, the Ravager are your key threats to help swing the midgame heavily in your favor.

One of the key cards for this deck is Dragon's Hoard. This is a card that helps you keep pace against removal-based control decks. When each of your dragons demands a removal spell and is a pseudo-cantrip, it can be hard for even the most glacial control decks to keep up with your ability to present threats. And that’s before you consider draws with multiple copies of Dragon's Hoard.

If you want a way to jam Dragons and crush your opponents in Standard, this seems like a fantastic choice. You can customize your removal suite and discard spells to match whatever decks you expect to see the most of in your Standard metagame. If you’re expecting to see a ton of control decks, you can play more copies of Chromium, the Mutable and Darigaaz Reincarnated. If you need to race, you can play more copies of Demanding Dragon. Either way, you’ll be unleashing Dragons on your opponent and reaping the rewards.

Magic Core Set 2019 is Now Available!