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Smoke and Monsters


We’ve seen a lot of Show and Tell decks in Legacy over the years. People have cheated Emrakul, The Aeons Torn, Griselbrands, Progenitus, Omniscience, and much more for many years. Those decks have always been Blue-Red or Mono-Blue. Sam51087 has tried taking the strategy in a different direction by adding another color for yet another powerful way to cheat monsters into play, as well as an interesting sideboard plan:

The twist here is the addition of Nahiri, the Harbinger to the Sneak and Show shell. This adds a number of exciting dimensions to the Sneak and Show deck. Suddenly you have 11 ways to cheat a monster into play instead of just eight. This makes you a lot more resilient to discard spells, particularly since Nahiri, the Harbinger doesn’t need another combo piece to get the job done. Additionally, Nahiri, the Harbinger gives the deck a versatile way of answering problematic permanents, like Containment Priest and Tarmogoyf. Unfortunately, you can’t use Nahiri, the Harbinger to deal with something like Pithing Needle, which will rarely be tapped, but the power and versatility of Nahiri, the Harbinger certainly seems worth it.

The other upside is that this plan lets you have Monastery Mentor in the sideboard. Once your opponent boards in all of their copies of Karakas, Pithing Needle, and Containment Priest, you can board in your Monastery Mentors and go wide instead of trying to combo off. This additional angle of attack lets you play all manner of mind games once you and your go to sideboard. If you lost game one, you can switch to the Monastery Mentor plan. Upon winning game two, you could switch back to the combo plan assuming that your opponent now has to hedge against both Monastery Mentor and Show and Tell.

If you’re looking to play a Show and Tell deck with two additional angles of attack, this seems like a great place to be. Extra haymakers gives you an edge against discard and counterspell wars, and makes the deck better at topdecking after the exchanges of disruption. Whether the Monastery Mentor plan out of the sideboard is good enough to become typical remains to be seen, but the additional power of Nahiri, the Harbinger seems awesome if you’re not expecting a field full of Wastelands.

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