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2012 World Magic Cup Coverage!


Sunday, 3:07 PM

Congratulations to Chinese Taipei and Puerto Rico, the finalists of the World Magic Cup! The finals were incredibly intense - the Taipei team took down Block, while being up a game in Standard and having split the first two games in Modern. In the end, Puerto Rico's Gabriel Nieves needed to find a Runechanter's Pike on the last turn to send Standard to game three, but could not find it on top of his deck.

Congratulations to Yu Min Yang, Tzu-Ching Kuo, Paul Renie, and Tung-Yi Cheng, the Chinese Taipei 2012 World Magic Cup Champions! The first Magic World Cup was definitely one of the most exciting events we've seen in awhile. From the Chinese Taipei's Miracle Bonfire of the Damned against the United States in the final round of Pools to the repeated upsets by the Team Puerto Rico, the first World Magic Cup will certainly be one to remember.



While the World Magic Cup was definitely the talk of the weekend, there were plenty of other sweet announcements, and plenty more Magic to be played!


The live audience of the live stream hunkering down for the Finals!


Team Chinese Taipei triumphant after two matches!


The trophy shot! From left to right: Tung-Yi Cheng, Tzu-Ching Kuo, Yu Min Yang, and Paul Renie


Get ready to make your travel plans! The start of the 2013 GP Schedule has been announced!


Even if you're not in the WMC, you can stil live the dream at Gen Con!


Congratulations again to Chinese Taipei, the winners of the 2012 World Magic Cup!

Saturday, 7:51 PM

After three rounds of Team Constructed, the results are in and we have a bracket for the Top 8 tomorrow morning! You can take a look at the team members and the decklists they'll be playing here, but for now let's take a look at the bracket:



Puerto Rico





Chinese Taipei

Slovak Republic

1 8 4 5 2 7 3 6

There was a ton of excitement in the last few rounds as some teams locked up their Top 8 berth while others were fighting to sneak into the last few open slots, and it was during those rounds that the most interesting stories came up:


There was plenty of action in and around the WMC so far this weekend. Thanks to Brendan Weiskotten, we've got some great shots of the WMC and one of the more unique events featured at Gen Con: Vintage Champs.

Luis Scott-Vargas is in the tank trying to make the cut for Day Two!



Undefeated players Greg Kraigher (right) and Blaine Christansen (left) face off in Round 6 of Vintage Champs!


Standard was mostly about Delvers and Zombies, but there were still some Birthing Pods to be found!


Coverage starts again tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM EST. Team Constructed has been an awesome format to watch, and this promises to be one of the most exciting Top 8s we've seen in quite awhile! Be sure to check out the live stream if you can!

Saturday, 7:39 PM

After a grueling day of team sealed, the thirty-two teams that made it into day two have been narrowed to sixteen. Players were given twelve packs from which they had to build the three best decks they could. Teams were broken down into pools of four teams and played each other team in the pool; only two teams could could make it out of each pool. Let's take a look:

Top 16 Teams


Pool Country Pool Points Total Points
1 Croatia 27 78
2 Slovak Republic 21 69
2 Poland 21 60
3 United States 18 66
3 Estonia 27 69
4 Chinese Taipei 27 72
4 Portugal 9 51
5 Finland 27 66
5 Slovenia 18 56
6 Scotland 27 72
6 Hungary 9 51
7 Philippines 21 66
7 Uruguay 18 60
8 France 27 69
8 Puerto Rico 18 57

From here, the teams will play three rounds of Team Constructed in new pools of four to determine which eight will make it to Sunday to play for the title! It's exciting to see how much support these national teams are getting from players around the world. Players and spectators alike seem to love the format of the World Magic Cup!



If you've got the time, be sure to check out the Livestream and official coverage over on DailyMTG.com! The coverage of this event is absolutely incredible, even for people at the event itself!

Attendees checking out the WMC Livestream!

Be sure to check back shortly; we're going to be updating with the results from the Team Constructed portion, as well as more snapshots of the WMC and other exciting events at Gen Con!

Friday, 8:40 PM

With four rounds of Standard behind us, day one of the 2012 World Magic Cup is in the books! The top tables were littered with Delver of Secrets, Geralf's Messenger, and Thragtusk; Zombie and Delver variants seemed to be the most popular choices. That said, the results are in, and these are what the top teams look like:

Top 32 Teams


Place Country Total Points
1 Croatia 51
2 Slovak Republic 48
3 United States 48
4 Taiwan 45
5 Argentina 45
6 Scotland 45
7 Philipines 45
8 Canada 42
9 France 42
10 Uruguay 42
11 Hungary 52
12 Norway 42
13 Portugal 42
14 Estonia 42
15 Peru 42
16 Ukraine 40
17 Singapore 40
18 Poland 39
19 Brazil 39
20 Sweden 39
21 Finland 39
22 Spain 39
23 Romania 39
24 Puerto Rico 39
25 Bolivia 39
26 Netherlands 39
27 Switzerland 38
28 Sloenia 38
29 Austria 37
30 Greece 37
31 Dominican Republic 37
32 Malaysia 36
33 England 36
34 Czech Republic 36
35 Serbia 36
36 China 36


Finally, we've got a few more tweets to wrap things up for the day; a little bit of play-by-play and some of your responses.  The coverage has been incredible so far, and we've got another full day of it tomorrow!




The live webcast starts again at 8:45 AM EST, so be sure to join in as the competitors head into team play for day two! If you're interested in more coverage of Gen Con, check out our photo diary on Facebook!


Friday, 3:35 PM

The draft portion of day one just finished up, and we're excited to find out who have put themselves in the best positions going into the Standard portion!  Let's take a look at the which teams are in the best positions after three rounds of draft!

Top Teams

21-23 Points

  • Puerto Rico
  •  Croatia
  •  France
  • Serbia
  • Portugul
  • Sweden
  • Slovenia
  • Singapore

24-26 Points

  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Scotland

27 Points

  • Slovac Republic







We're not exactly sure what's going on in this picture, but it's a great example of all of the good times and great people that have made it out to Gen Con and the World Magic Cup.


Adam Styborski (Left) and Frank LePore (Right) being awesome.

Check back throughout the afternoon for updated standings and any information we have about what Standard looks like at the World Magic Cup.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more coverage of Gen Con, as well as the official coverage of the World Magic Cup!

Friday, 12:42 PM

The draft and first round are in the books, and we've already got some exciting action! Between Twitter updates, the live webcast, and pictures starting to trickle in, we've got a pretty good idea of how things are shaping up so far.  Team Japan is certainly the fan favorite due to their dramatic entrance, but it's still anyone's game!  Here's what things are looking like from the floor:







We've even managed to catch Gathering Magic's very own Max Sjoeblom (@thebloom_) playing in Round One!


 Max Sjoeblom (right) battles DimitarProdanov (left) in Magic 2013 Limited!


Last, but certainly not least, let's take a quick look at the hardware these players are competing for, shall we?


 FNM Championship and World Magic Cup trophies

As we post this, the pairings for Round 2 have gone up, and the feature matches are going to start shortly.  If you're craving more coverage, be sure to check out the official webcast and written coverage!  Let us know who you want to hear more about and who you want to come out on top at #mtgwmc!


Friday, 9:25 AM

The first inaugural World Magic Cup is finally here!  Seventy-one teams have congregated featuring some of the best players in the world to battle it out over three days to determine which team will be the World Magic Cup champions! Even as the official coverage and webcast are getting ready to go live, there's already drama leading up to the event:






Gathering Magic will be updating throughout the day with results, pictures and stories from the World Magic Cup, as well as your responses from Twitter!  Official coverage goes live at 10:45 AM (EST), so check out the webcast and written coverage and get involved in the discussion at #mtgwmc!

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