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Bigger is Better


Who says that Collected Company is the only viable Bant deck in the format? There are all manner of busted cards available in the color combination, and with the format shifting towards more midrangey decks, there’s certainly space for a Bant deck that tries to go a little bigger. That’s exactly what MisterFalcon has done with this bigger take on Bant.

This is a really interesting deck because it walks a couple of lines. On the one hand, you’ve got a substantial suite of powerful instants. Spell Queller, Void Shatter, Clash of Wills, and even Ojutai's Command give you powerful ways to fight over spells. Stasis Snare and Blessed Alliance lets you interact with creatures. Archangel Avacyn lets you set up blowouts mid-combat. This gives you the ability to interact favorably with decks like Bant Company and White-Black control as long as you don’t let them get ahead of you on the board. It also means you have a powerful suite of answers to at least the body of Emrakul, the Promised End, if not the Mindslaver trigger.

The second portion of the deck is just a pile of haymakers. Tragic Arrogance is a great way to break open the various midrange mirrors. Dragonlord Ojutai is an absurd threat in a world dominated by Bant Company. Even more, Tamiyo, Field Researcher is a great way to buy time against midrange decks and grind out card advantage once you’ve established some Sylvan Advocates and Archangel Avacyns of your own.

In a format dominated by Creature decks, typically the best solution is to find a deck that goes just a little bit bigger. That seems like exactly what this deck does. Instead of focusing on two- and three-drops backed up by Collected Company, this deck plays powerful five-drops with just enough interaction to ensure that you’ll have time to reap the benefits. If you’re expecting a field packed with Bant decks, this may be just big enough to crush them without sacrificing too much of your early game and opening a window for Sylvan Advocates to run you over.

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