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A Final Approach


A few months ago, we saw the Standard format becoming focused on creature decks. We were mostly seeing Mono-Red, br, and a couple of variants on God-Pharaoh's Gift. For a couple of weekends, a really interesting Mono-White Approach of the Second Sun deck rose as a pretty harsh foil to these aggressive strategies. As the metagame shifts away from decks featuring counterspells and other disruption and towards creature strategies, perhaps it’s time to reconsider this strategy for the last couple of weeks that it’s legal:

Approach of the Second Sun
The idea behind this deck is pretty straightforward. You’ve got a giant pile of ramp and removal backed up by haymakers and Approach of the Second Sun. You’ve got a full six two-mana removal spells to stay ahead of the likes of Bomat Courier and Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, as well as Thopter Arrest and Cast Out to help deal with problematic permanents like Heart of Kiran and Inspiring Statuary. The most interesting removal spell here is Ixalan's Binding.

This is the kind of card that can devastate strategies that are overly dependent on a specific permanent, particularly for a deck that expects games to go on for extended periods of time. This build goes a step further and backs that up with Gideon's Intervention. There are some control decks that actually just won’t be able to win if you can stick Gideon's Intervention on Teferi, Hero of Dominaria or Nexus of Fate, or protect your Ixalan's Bindings by naming Cast Out.

This deck uses Orazca Relic as a means of ramping into haymakers like The Immortal Sun and then keeping your life total high and digging for more business once you’ve hit enough land drops. Treasure Map does backup, helping you filter your draw and then turning into either card advantage or acceleration as needed.

If you’re expecting to play primarily against a bunch of creature decks, you could do worse than to play a pile of sweepers, removal, and card advantage. Ixalan's Binding and Gideon's Intervention do a great job of generating virtual card advantage and shutting down entire strategies if your opponent’s aren’t prepared for them. All in all, this deck is really interesting, and has the potential to be very well positioned as we enter the last couple of weeks of this Standard format.