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Foretold Destruction

The rise of Death's Shadow and Eldrazi Tron in Modern has led to a corresponding increase in Supreme Verdict decks. We’re even starting to see some amount of variation in those Supreme Verdict decks. We’re seeing some people exploring a more tap-out variation with cards like Spreading Seas and Jace, Architect of Thought, while others are focusing on cards like Snapcaster Mage and Search for Azcanta. That said, if you’re really looking for an edge in control mirrors, As Foretold is still an option:

As Foretold
The key thought here is the same as it’s always been. As Foretold is a powerful way for control decks to turn the corner because they let you cast Ancestral Vision out of your hand without relying on suspend. Additionally, As Foretolds allow you to cast Planeswalkers and other win conditions on your turn while leaving up your powerful countermagic like Cryptic Command and Snapcaster Mage to interact on your opponent’s turn.

There are a handful of exciting pieces of innovation in this list as compared to the previous As Foretold lists we’d seen. Spell Queller is a card that is spectacularly well-positioned in this format, functioning as effectively a hard counterspell against many of the combo decks through cards like Dispel and Negate. You also have Monastery Mentor, which is a much more appealing option now that Opt allows you to make a bunch of tokens on your opponent’s end step so that you can threaten lethal when you untap.

The last exciting addition is Settle the Wreckage. Casting an early Path to Exile can be devastating since it gives your opponent a substantial mana advantage that sets you back and compounds over the next couple of turns. By the time you’re casting Settle the Wreckage, there aren’t many decks that can leverage that kind of mana advantage against a control deck. This card lets you leave up interaction and sweep away the likes of Tarmogoyf and Reality Smasher with minimal downside, and seems like an exciting addition to this style of deck.

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