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I Put A Spell On You


Enchantress was the first deck that got me really excited about older formats. At the time, the deck was legal in Extended, but had a few years where it bled over into Legacy. In recent years, we’ve only seen a couple of takes on the archetype, most featuring a Blue splash for Words of Wind and Cloud of Faeries shenanigans rather than the traditional White splash for Serra's Sanctum and other powerful prison pieces. Just because it’s fallen out of favor doesn’t mean the deck can’t still put up results:

The goal of this deck is to lead off with Wild Growth or Utopia Sprawl so you can cast Argothian Enchantress, Green Sun's Zenith, or Enchantress's Presence on the second turn. From there you just want to chain together Enchantments that make it increasingly difficult for your opponent to cast spells that matter.

There are a couple of things that stand out to me about this particular list. The first is that Carpet of Flowers is a maindeck kind of card. Sure, it’s rarely dead since it’s just a cantrip or better once you have some Argothian Enchantresses up, but the mana acceleration is absolutely critical in matchups like Miracles. The second thing that stands out is three copies of Elephant Grass and zero copies of Moat. Elephant Grass is a cheap card that buys you a ton of time against everything from Dredge and Sneak Attack to Mentor of the Meek and Delver of Secrets. Given the density of mana acceleration and Serra's Sanctum, this is a deck that can afford to maintain multiple copies of Elephant Grass to effectively lock your opponent out of combat so you have time to set up.

Beyond that, there are a couple of techy cards. Doomwake Giant is a great way to punish Elves and Young Pyromancer. Sometimes you might be able to string together enough enchantments to beat Mentor of the Meek, but that seems a little more tenuous. Solitary Confinement is a powerful card that doesn’t see a ton of play any more. If you can use something like Life from the Loam or Argothian Enchantress effects to make sure you have an abundance of cards to discard, then you can prevent your opponent from effectively interacting. Sure, Abrupt Decay is a thing now, but you can definitely afford to pay for multiple Solitary Confinements if that’s a thing you’re really worried about.

This deck is a little weak to fast combo decks, and is certainly soft to early Counterbalance or Chalice of the Void, but if you’re expecting a lot of Delver of Secrets decks, then you may be able to just overwhelm them with raw mana and card advantage.

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