Throne of Eldraine
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An Appealing Deck


With Fumigate being relatively unpopular in this format and midrangey Energy decks dominating the top tables of most events, it’s kind of surprising that so few decks are opting to try to go wide. We’ve seen various takes on Anointed Procession, particularly with either Hidden Stockpile or eternalize, but those builds have issues with being kind of cumbersome and difficult to close out games. Fortunately, there are other options, like this wg build by SKREAM:

Appeal // Authority
Adorned Pouncer[/cardimg]This is a more aggressive take on tokens. Your goal is to flood the board early with cards like Adanto Vanguard and Merfolk Branchwalker. Sacred Cat and Oketra the True help to ensure that you have a consistent, resilient presence on the board. Cards like Resilient Khenra and Larger than Life team up with Sacred Cat to let you swing races in your favor or buy you time to set up your late game plan.

Against midrange and control decks, your goal is to slowly develop a board of a reasonable size to set up for Appeal // Authority, particularly in conjunction with Adorned Pouncer. Pouncer is a monstrously quick clock, especially when backed up by Blossoming Defense and other pump effects. With how cheap your pump spells are, it’s relatively reasonable to wait until you can untap with an Adorned Pouncer before casting a couple of creatures to kill your opponent with an Appeal.

If you’re looking for a deck with an aggressive start, this one has the ability to curve out quickly with two-drops and swing races with pump spells. In addition, you also have the ability to grind out longer games with eternalize threats. You even have options to customize further with cards like Legion's Landing. All in all, this seems like a fantastic aggressive option for the budget conscious player.

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