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Artificer Intelligence


With Mono-Red being the dominant aggressive deck in Standard, midrange and control decks are overloading on cheap spot removal to try to keep pace with the beatdown deck. The lack of sweepers being played in the format means that there’s space in the format for decks that are more resilient to spot removal, such as this take on ur artificers:

Inventor's Goggles
We’ve seen a couple of takes on this archetype before, but this build leans a little bit more toward midrange, cutting cards like Inventor's Apprentice in favor of Decoction Module. Decoction Module is a big deal in this deck, allowing your Whirler Virtuoso and Aether Swooper to generate multiple tokens in short succession. It even gives you the ability to bounce creatures like Maverick Thopterist back to your hand in order to get additional value or to protect your threats from removal.

The multitude of thopters you can generate make cards like Maverick Thopterist, Reverse Engineer, and Metallic Rebuke very easy to cast early on in the game, which gives you opportunities to overwhelm your opponents with multiple spells early on successive turns early on in the game.

Combine this ability to chain together token-generating threats with the aggressive starts that you can get courtesy of Inventor's Goggles, and you’ve got a deck that can win games early or grind them out over the course of many turns. If you’re looking for a fresh take on aggro in Ixalan Standard, this deck seems like a fantastic place to start.

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