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New Age Bomberman


To close out the week, I’ve got a crazy Monastery Mentor deck that I can’t wait to share. Heading into Eternal Weekend, Vintage was shaken up in a big way with the restriction of Monastery Mentor. Despite most of the best cantrips being Restricted, Mentor was still just a hyper-efficient and compact way to close out games at a very rapid pace. In Legacy, all the cantrips and Monastery Mentor are still unrestricted. However, Greg Ceccarelli is planning something far less fair:

Auriok Salvagers
The idea here is very straightforward. You’re a combo deck that’s hoping to get Monastery Mentor or Auriok Salvagers in play as quickly as possible. With some help from Mox Opal, Lotus Petal, and Ancient Tomb, the first turn isn’t completely unreasonable. From there, what you’re trying to do depends a lot on your hand.

If you’ve got a Monastery Mentor, you’re looking to cast it early and follow up with a dearth of free Urza's Baubles, Mishra's Baubles, and fast mana. You can swarm the board and use your cantripping baubles to draw into more spells to get your opponent dead. It’s not unreasonable that this deck would be able to kill its opponent on the second turn of the game with this strategy.

If you have an Auriok Salvagers hand, you’re looking to go off with the traditional Bomberman combo. Lion's Eye Diamond plus Auriok Salvagers empties your hand, but gives you infinite mana. That lets you do one of three things: kill your opponent outright with Hangarback Walker, generate infinite spells for Monastery Mentor, or cycle enough Baubles that you can ensure your ability to combo off in the next turn.

The rest of the deck is miscellaneous value cards, like Dark Confidant and Chalice of the Void, both of which can come down early and change the landscape of the game in a very dramatic fashion.

This is a new and exciting take on combo in Legacy that has the potential to be incredibly explosive and has a couple of contingency plans. You’ve got lots of fast mana and plenty of things to do with it early in the game, and that’s typically a recipe for success.

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