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Don't Mind Me


In a format as deep as Legacy, it turns out that there are an awful lot of ways to chain a bunch of spells together and cast a lethal storm spell. There are the more traditional decks that use Ad Nauseam or Past in Flames, as well as variants that use Griselbrand, High Tide, and more. This week, Tyler put together an exciting new take on storm featuring a card that is reminiscent of another card that was emergency restricted in Vintage before it was legal: Mind's Desire.

Magus of the Mind
This deck is similar to the other Shallow Grave combo decks we’ve seen featuring Griselbrand and Children of Korlis. The difference is that Tyler isn’t trying to leverage his life total, but rather Magus of the Mind. It turns out that Mind's Desire is an awfully powerful spell, and one that makes it trivially easy to end games once you’ve cast a handful of spells.

The idea behind this deck is that you want to spend the early turns cantripping and stripping counterspells out of your opponent’s hand. Then you want to Entomb a Magus of the Mind into your graveyard, cast a Shallow Grave or Corpse Dance, and start going to town. You’ll typically want to cast all your artifact mana and rituals before you cast your reanimation spell so that you can sacrifice your Magus immediately without opening yourself up to spot removal.

The idea is that, if you can Magus for five or more spells, you’re reasonably likely to either hit another reanimation spell to keep chaining Magi, or you’ll find enough artifact mana and cantrips to dig into another reanimation spell. Eventually, you’ll dig through your deck enough to find either an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Tendrils of Agony to end the game. If you’re looking for a whacky combo deck that will catch your opponents off guard, this seems like a fun and exciting take on the archetype that still has plenty of explosive potential.

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