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Rampant Enchantment


Enchantress has been a fringe archetype in Legacy for many years. Typical builds rely on one-mana acceleration like Wild Growth and Utopia Sprawl to cast Argothian Enchantress and Green Sun's Zenith early on in the game. Then you follow up with White Enchantments that help lock down the game, such as Moat, Rest in Peace, and Solitary Confinement. These are decks that are built around building up to a critical mass of resources which your opponent can’t overcome without a way to sweep away all of your enchantments. Fjaulnir has a slightly different approach:

There are a number of interesting things about this deck, but the thing that stands out the most is the distinct lack of Creatures. There are no Argothian Enchantresses, no Cloud of Faeries, no Dryad Arbor, and no Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. You have a single copy of Doomwake Giant as a way of fighting against decks that go especially wide, such as Elves or Young Pyromancer, but that’s about it. Instead of relying on the typical Enchantress draw engine, this deck is playing Kruphix's Insight. This is a card that doesn’t do much unless you’ve built around it, but when your deck is this densely packed with enchantments, you’ll frequently find two or three cards. This lets you tear through your deck, digging for the cards that matter in any given matchup.

But if you aren’t looking to chain together Enchantress effects until your opponent is too far behind to do anything, what exactly is this deck trying to do? Parallax Wave helps you buy a ton of time against aggressive strategies, particularly when you can chain draw spells to find additional copies of Parallax Wave or Replenish to keep your opponent locked down. You also have Starfield of Nyx to serve as a backup copy of Opalescence as well as recursion.

That said, Opalescence is the key to this deck. It lets you turn all of your miscellaneous Enchantments into cards that can both protect your life total and murder your opponent as well as unlocking a plethora of interesting timing interactions. Once your Oblivion Rings and Parallax Waves are creatures, there’s all manner of interesting tricks you can do. While your Oblivion Ring’s enter the battlefield trigger is on the stack, you can exile your Oblivion Ring with Parallax Wave. The “leave” trigger resolves before the “enter” trigger and your opponent’s card is gone forever. You can even do this trick with just your Parallax Wave to exile up to four opposing creatures and reset your own Parallax Wave. You could even take things a step further and continuously flicker your own mana enchantments to put them on new lands and get extra uses out of them in a given turn.

All in all, this is a really interesting take on Enchantress with a fairly open-ended engine. The interactions are somewhat slow, but that’s mitigated by the inclusion of one-mana acceleration. If you’re looking for an excuse to break out your Parallax Waves, this deck seems like it should do fairly well against creature-heavy strategies and may even have enough recursion and sideboard options to put up a fight against the more controlling decks in the format.

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