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Academic Exploration


Veteran Explorer is a card that sees infrequent play in Legacy as a way for fair decks to punish greedy Delver of Secrets decks. While they don’t find anything, you get the ability to accelerate into bigger threats. While most Veteran Explorer decks rely on haymakers, this build by PCGEternal is much more of an attrition-oriented deck:

Academy Rector
The theme here is that this deck is maxing out on sacrifice outlets and tokens. Instead of just Veteran Explorer, Green Sun's Zenith, and Cabal Therapy, you’ve got access to Lingering Souls and Evolutionary Leap. On top of all that, you have Academy Rector.

Academy Rector is the kind of card that changes everything about this deck. It gives you more consistent access to Pernicious Deed, which is a great sweeper in most matchups. On its own, that isn’t worth playing Academy Rector, but you’ve got plenty of flexibility. Curse of Death's Hold punishes decks like Infect and Elves and punishes cards like Monastery Mentor. Cruel Reality is one of the better ways to win the game, and ensures that you can’t fall behind Liliana or Jace. Dovescape is your means of beating combo decks, ensuring that they can’t resolve key spells, particularly with Curse of Death's Hold to kill all the opposing Bird tokens.

Humility is a card that can shut off entire decks and make your opponent’s creatures all die to Curse of Death's Hold. Overwhelming Splendor does all that and more, shutting off all creatures and activated abilities of cards like Wasteland or fetchlands.

If you’re looking for a Nic Fit-style midrange deck with a more synergistic set of haymakers, this may be a great place to start. You can customize your choice of Enchantments to punish particular decks, and have a consistent means of finding Academy Rector and converting it into unfair enchantments that prevent your opponent from winning the game.

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