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Evolving Danger


When Return to Ravnica was in Standard, we saw a plethora of decks trying to take advantage of the interaction between evolve creatures, undying creatures, and Rapid Hybridization. These decks could have incredibly explosive starts, but didn’t have enough consistency to really dominate the top tables. With the expanded card pool of Modern, maybe that issue can be remedied:

Rapid Hybridization
This is a deck that’s looking to present an aggressive clock backed up by just a little bit of interaction, either in the form of counterspells or removal. Ideally, you’d like to start on an Experiment One or Cloudfin Raptor so that your follow-up creatures can trigger evolve. Your strong, game-changing plays involve using Rapid Hybridization or Pongify to kill your undying creatures so that they get bigger and trigger either evolve or revolt.

The real power of this becomes apparent when your opponents are forced to start using removal spells on your aggressive creatures, giving you the ability to use your Rapid Hybridizations to upgrade your creatures while effectively countering their removal spell.

One of the strengths of this deck is its raw efficiency. There are very few cards in this deck that cost more than one, and the deck is only playing 18 lands. There’s no space for cantrips here, you’re just relying on a low land count and mana curve to ensure that you can overwhelm your opponent with cheap threats and interactive cards.

If you’re looking for an off-the-wall aggressive deck that punishes opponents that lean too heavily on spot removal or large creatures, this seems like an exciting and budget-friendly choice for your next Modern event. The combination of colors even means that you have a lot of flexibility in changing the last couple of cards to improve your matchup against the decks you expect to see.

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