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Pod Person


I've seen a lot of Nic Fit decks in recent Legacy events online. Perhaps this is due to the high density of wu Control and Four-Color Leovold variants, so people are looking for Cabal Therapy midrange decks to go bigger than Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Regardless, this is one of the more interesting takes on Nic Fit that I've seen in quite awhile. That's all because of one card: Birthing Pod.

Birthing Pod
At its core, this deck functions very similarly to the traditional Nic Fit decks. You're looking to use Veteran Explorer, Green Sun's Zenith, and Cabal Therapy to strip your opponent's hand away while putting a ton of basic lands into play so you can start casting your haymakers. Deathrite Shaman gives you another cheap disruption engine that helps you ramp as well.

From there, the rest of the deck is a bunch of powerful one- and two-ofs. You've got everything from Siege Rhino and Kitchen Finks for racing to Eternal Witness and Thragtusk for grinding out midrange matchups. Most of your singletons can be found via Green Sun's Zenith, which already makes you a powerful toolbox deck. On top of that, though, you have access to Birthing Pod. This lets you turn your Veteran Explorer's into Voice of Resurgence and Voice of Resurgence into Eternal Witness. You can go all the way up the chain into Thragtusk, Sun Titan, and even Ashen Rider out of the sideboard.

If you're looking to go big in your midrange deck and maximize the power and consistency of your toolbox, then this seems like a great approach. This deck loses quite a bit of its potency if you expect to play against decks with large numbers of basics, since you're really looking to make Veteran Explorer a one-sided ramp spell. However, even if your opponent is playing a ton of basics, you're generally better set up to leverage the mana advantage since you're playing a deck full of five- and six-drops rather than capping out at four like most Blue decks.

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