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Chapin Conquers Atlanta

We had a star-studded Top 8 down in Atlanta, but after three round of single-elimination play on the Sunday stage it was Patrick Chapin who came out on top playing Junk Midrange.

This is Hall of Famer Patrick Chapin's fifth Pro Tour Top 8, but his first premier event title. In a field full of Prognostic Sphinx and Hero's Downfalls, Chapin was able steal games with Brimaz, King of Oreskos and Fleecemane Lion overloading copies of Silence the Believers and his own copies of Hero's Downfall and Bile Blight to battle through opposing Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Chapin was able to put up an 8-1-1 record in the Constructed portion of the event and a strong 5-1 performance in the Limited portion.

In the elimination round, Chapin had to battle through Jamie Park's BUG Control deck featuring Kiora, the Crashing Wave and Prognostic Sphinx. Parke had been largely absent from professional level events since his Top 8 appearance in Worlds 2008, but prepared with Team ChannelFireball Pantheon for this event and has burst back onto the scene with an incredible performance at this Pro Tour. Chapin defeated Parke in three tight games.

In the semifinals, Chapin squared off against Josh "wrapter" Utter-Leyton, the reigning player of the year in his fifth Pro Tour Sunday. Utter-Leyton, also playing a take on the BUG control deck, quickly found himself down a game to Chapin's Brimaz after stumbling on lands. In game two, Chapin kept a hand with only Temple of Silence for mana, but hit Forest and Plains off the top in his first two draw steps to stick a Brimaz on turn three that he rode to victory.

Patrick Chapin met South Korea's Nam Sung Wook in the finals The two players split the first two games, each with their own unanswered Elspeth. Game three went to Chapin when he drew more Elspeths than Sung Wook did Elspeths or removal spells. In a tense game four, Chapin stuck an early [card]Fleecemane Lion, Thoughtseizes away all relevant interaction, and a monstrous Lion took down Nam Sung Wook in the last game of the weekend.

Congratulations to Patrick Chapin, Champion of Pro Tour Journey into Nyx.

Check Patrick's video deck tech on Gathering Magic, as well as the other Top 8 Block decklists below. For more information on the event, including Top 8 profiles, video draft and deck techs, and more, head over to the official coverage on

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