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Cartel Aristocrats #86: Everything Old is New Again


The Aristocrats talk about the real profits behind the unbannings and the new product announcement for 2018!

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<h2>What’s on the docket this week?</h2>


<li>Credit Winner</li>

<li>Unbannings in Modern</li>

<li>The State of Modern</li>

<li>Pick of the Week</li>

<li>New Products in 2018</li>


<strong>Contact Us</strong>:

<strong>Cartel Aristocrats</strong> — <a href = "https://twitter.com/Cartel_Finance" target="_blank">Twitter</a> — <a href = "https://www.facebook.com/cartelfinance" target="_blank">Facebook</a> — cartelaristocrats@gmail.com

<strong>Jeremy</strong> —<a href = "http://twitter.com/XemitSellsMagic" target="_blank">@XemitSellsMagic</a>

<strong>Travis</strong> —<a href = "http://twitter.com/Wizardbumpin" target="_blank">@Wizardbumpin</a>

<strong>Jim</strong> — <a href = "http://twitter.com/Phrost_" target="_blank">@Phrost_</a>

<strong>Ed</strong> — <a href = "http://twitter.com/ednguyen13" target="_blank">@ednguyen13</a>

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