Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Ultimate Commander

    Abe gives himself another Commander challenge, this time building only with cards printed in Masters sets!
  • Cross the Streams: Magic and D&D

    Jay Annelli gives a crash course on transitioning from the world of Magic to the world of D&D!
  • The Aftermath of Ultimate Masters

    As the dust from Ultimate Masters settles, Jim takes stock of the effects it's had on card prices!
  • Prepping for the Invitational

    Rudy breaks down his prep for the SCG Invitational and how he picked his decks!
  • Your Meta and Overrated Cards

    Bruce talks about some cards that may or may not be overrated in Commander!
  • A Year in Commander

    Stephen looks back on some of his favorite Commander decks from the past year!
  • In the Winner's Circle with Bant Spirits

    Kyle won an RPTQ, so he's here to break down the latest intel on his Modern deck, Bant Spirits!
  • Lock 'Em Up

    Things get a little haphazard as Ali begins his latest foray into brewing for Standard!
  • Unsung Heroes

    Mike is back with some new decks headlined by tragically underplayed cards!
  • Top Ten Multiplayer Reprints from Ultimate Masters

    Abe combs Ultimate Masters to find his Top Ten cards for Multiplayer!