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Complete Premium Deck Graveborn Decklist Spoiled


Courtesy of MTGSalvation, we have the complete list for next week's Premium Deck Series 'Graveborn.' Be sure to check the Graveborn spoiler page out!



1 Avatar of Woe

1 Crosis, the Purger

1 Inkwell Leviathan

1 Sphinx of the Steel Wind

1 Terastodon

1 Verdant Force

1 Blazing Archon

2 Putrid Imp

2 Hidden Horror

1 Faceless Butcher

1 Twisted Abomination



1 Reanimate

1 Entomb

1 Zombie Infestation

1 Cabal Therapy

2 Last Rites

2 Sickening Dreams

3 Exhume

3 Duress

3 Animate Dead

2 Buried Alive

2 Diabolic Servitude

2 Dread Return



21 Swamp

1 Polluted Mire

1 Ebon Stronghold

1 Crystal Vein



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