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Dial H for Heroclix - Episode 266 - It's a Motorized Patriot Jubilee!


Welcome to Dial H for Heroclix! We are a podcast that covers news, figures, plays games and just jokes around within the world of Heroclix. Join Kris and Kalder this week as we:

  1. Talk about what made us Happy!

    • Kalder's - A BRAND NEW SHIELD
    • Kris' - A wonderful visit to see dad
  2. It's that time of the Month again! The Heroic Ranking UP Ceremony! Congratulations to the brand new Citizens, Jedi Legend and Loyal Miller! Teemu leveled up to Vigilante! And leveling up to Super Hero/Super Villian were Ben Umanski, Michael Miller and Mok Taskmaster! Thanks a ton, guys!
  3. Cover a bunch of Community! Community Tuesdays Questions, Jedi Legend's Heroclix Tip-of-The-Week, a question from Vigilante Collectibull, and a Malcolm Rush Question Block!

Don't forget to tweet in, email us or just message us on Facebook any time we have Community Questions! We love to hear from you guys. Follow the links Below!



Twitter: @DialH4Heroclix

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Email: dialHforHeroclix@gmail.com




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