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Did You Know Magic: Pauper ft. Wedge from The Mana Source


Narrated by Wedge from The Mana Source:

To watch more content by Wedge visit his YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Tim Saunders, one of the founders of Pauper, for giving us the origin of the commons-only format. Please visit his personal blog for content on Pauper and other card games.

Also, please take a look at PDC Magic. They still organize PREs for the Pauper format.

Intro Montage Video Links (ordered by appearance):

Introduction to Pauper by Tolarian Community College

Mono-Black Control Pauper Deck Tech by The Mana Source

Playing on a Budget: Pauper Rogues by Rogue Deck-builder

Instant Deck Tech: Pauper Izzet Drake by MTG Goldfish

In Response: Aggressive Bannings by Tolarian Community College

Cloud of Faeries Banned! by Pauperganda

Pauper to the People Podcast: Episode 1


"Pamgaea" by Kevin MacLeod

"Drops of Hope"

"Latest Version"

For more Pauper content from Gathering Magic, check out Alex Ullman’s Archive for weekly articles on the all-commons format!

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