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Picks of the Week, 5/31/2015


The biggest weekend in Magic history is here. Twelve thousand players across three continents have gathered to celebrate everything that Magic is, has been, and will be. This weekend has shown all of us just how big Magic has become and how much further it can go. #MakeMagicHistory is the phrase of the weekend, and as far as we're concerned, it captures the spirit of these events perfectly. The Grand Prix in Las Vegas, Chiba, and Utretch are the stories of this Magic year, and this week our picks are a celebration of all the awesome things that Magic can be.

Picks of the Week: May 31, 2015

Alex Ullman is Associate Editor for Gathering Magic, a renowned Pauper (cube and Constructed) player, and member of the victorious 2009 Magic Online Community Cup team.You can find him on Twitter as @nerdtothecore.

Make Magic History

Well, it's finally here. Three sites and a remarkable four tournaments. Chiba, Utrecht, and two in Las Vegas. North of 12,000 players sat down to play with Modern Masters 2015 sealed and try their chances at winning a Grand Prix on a one of a kind weekend.

I am trying to cope with the sheer magnitude of these events. For me it started half way through the week whenI would check Twitter, only to see more and more friends head West to try their luck. Circumstances in my life prevented me from being able to attend, but it didn't completely quell the urge.

Magic, despite some recent press, has made it in a big way. It is not hard to pick out things that need improvement with both the game and its surrounding spheres, but the fact that this duel between powerful wizards has transcended kitchen tables and cafeterias to take over three cities, well, it fills my cold Golgari heart with joy.

Something Blue

I have an indellible memory of Brian David-Marshall. It is fall in the year 2000 and I am at his store and New York institution Neutral Ground for a tournament. I'm doing reasonably well – my record is good enough to convince 16 year old me that I have a chance at prizes (which I am almost certain I did not make). But the Mets are in the playoffs and BDM has set up a TV in the RPG section to watch the Amazin's beat the Cardinals.

I cut my teeth at Neutral Ground, and BDM was always there encouraging me. To have a chance to see how he got his start, and to also witness one stop on his journey, was a delight.

Especially on this weekend where so many people are playing Magic it is improtant to remember that there is so much more to the game than simply taking turns and tapping lands.

There are friends and stories, partnerships and childrens, fiction, costumes, and multiple libraries worth of writing.

Play the game, see an entirely different world.

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