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The Girlfriend Bracket #39 – Dressing Down


Four female Magic players from three different time zones decide to join forces to create a podcast about the game they love and the experiences they have had playing it. Each week, Erin, Hallie, Katie, and Kriz will discuss hot topics in the community and share their stories from the local game store, major events, and beyond.

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  • The World Magic Cup: Spirit Awards, Team Unified Standard, and more!
  • The StarCityGames Invitational: Esper Midrange, B/W Control, and spicy Abzan tech.?
  • Erin thinks a dress code should be instituted at certain high level events.?
  • We weigh in on the big Oath of the Gatewatch leak, and how it affected the community.
  • Hallie and Katie are excited about a year of Flashback drafts on Magic Online.?
  • We put a clever spin on a popular Twitter meme, and reveal fun facts about ourselves.

The Cast:

Erin Campbell — @OriginalOestrus

Hallie Santo — @halcansan

Katie Neal — @MeanMugger

Kriz Schultz — @tehKriz

The Girlfriend Bracket — @TheGFBracket

E-mail — thegirlfriendbracket at gmail dot com

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