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The New Gathering Magic


A Letter From The Editor

Hello everybody! Welcome to the all-new CoolStuffInc.com! We are excited to have you along with our new layout, site design, and direction.

The Death of Gathering Magic

Gathering Magic is dead, long live Gathering Magic!

Started by Trick Jarrett over 10 years ago, Gathering Magic has been a home to MTG content of all shapes and sizes.

And let's be clear - NONE of that content will be lost in transition. GatheringMagic.com isn't going to be taken down any time soon, and all previous article links will simply point here to CoolStuffInc.com instead.

Why The Change?

Back when Gathering Magic first started, CoolStuffInc.com wasn't in the picture. That came later. As a result, a rift was formed between the company that runs the site, and the site itself. The traffic that went to Gathering Magic didn't necessarily lead to CoolStuffInc, and vice versa.

There is also a precedent set by competitors who provide content on their website proper without an attached 'affiliate'.

Having hatched this plan in March 2017, I'm thrilled that you're now reading this on the all-new CoolStuffInc.com, and will be able to come back each weekday for awesome new content like that you've found on Gathering Magic!

The Future

My hope is to have the first tab you open every morning for MTG content be this one. I'll be working hard behind the scenes to push the site in the direction that makes us your stop for strategy, casual, or just plain fun MTG content.

All established authors are free to contact me privately, as we are continuously looking to upgrade our content & roster, and all of those who may have been away from the content game - get at me! If I can get the Ferrett back in the saddle, let's get the greats back at it. (And yes, I asked Rizzo. He passed, but remains awesome.)

If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it. You can hit me up here or on twitter @misterorange.

Evan Erwin

Editor-in-Chief, CoolStuffInc.com

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