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GP Montreal Gets Hoaen'd


Richie Hoaen made a rare appearance when the Grand Prix circuit hit Montreal, and turns out it was a good thing as after Sunday's conclusion he was hoisting the trophy. Richie Hoaen, only 25 years old, has been semi-retired for the past several years only playing competitively irregularly. But GP Montreal was in his wheel house being a limited event and he put on a show. He slipped into the Top 8, with 37 match points as the 8th spot. In the bottom seed he then went on to victory without dropping a game during the Top 8.

Other notable players in the top 16 are Reid Duke (5th), Alexander West (6th), Christian Calcano (9th), Brian Kibler (10th), Paul Rietzl (11th), David Ochoa (12th), and Luis Scott-Vargas (15th).

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