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The Spotlight: Magic in the Movies


Spoiler season began Sunday night, with everyone clicking to follow @oracleoftheros in droves as the account began spoiling rares and commons alike. As the chatter over the spoiled cards began to take it’s predictable and comforting pace of OMG BROKEN to OMG SUCKS, tweets broke from all corners of the Twitterverse announcing 20th Century Fox secured the rights to begin producing a Magic: The Gathering movie.

Community wizards began to theorize and cast the plots of the Magic movies they could produce, with everyone from Urza to Jace, the Mind Sculptor making an appearance. How fast any of this movies magic will happen remains to be seen but I will say an Magic movie without an appearance by Serra Angel will a very sad Magical movie indeed. Yes. I’m staking my ground and calling you out, Wizards.

There were a few other requests as well.

As people championed their favorite Magic character or planeswalker, scripted their movies, and cast their friends, the cynical doubts began to creep into the collective. Really, will they even make this movie before 2050? How could they not make a movie that sucked?

Only time will tell if our inner magical children will be rewarded with an actual movie hardcore Magic fans can embrace or a just a fun two hour treat of LARPing. Until then I leave you with the explicit words of party pooper extraordinaire @JayBoosh.

Making sure the Spotlight shines on you,



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