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The Spotlight: Framing the Magic 2015 Issue


2014 is already off with a bang. Just when you thought it was time to get revved up for Born of the Gods spoiler season, the mothership (and notable Twitter prankster @mtgaaron) decided it was time to frame the issues that will be facing Magic in core set Magic 2015. I am sure by now most of you Internet wheelers and dealers have read all about it, but just in case here, is the announcement.

Big Daddy Forsythe highlighted several key changes in his article, so let’s jump right in and see our tweeters first reactions . . . 

The Font

Holofoil Stamp

The Collector Info

Decreased Border Size

Oh, and If We Are Putting our Wishes Out There for Wizards to See . . . 

 . . . I Wish for Magic 2015 to Tinker me an Angel!



Gossip Alert

If you didn’t give a hoot about the card frame changes, here are a few other topics that popped up around the big Magic 2015 reveal:

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