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The Spotlight: Conspiracy


I am sure that, by now, you have heard whispers of the conspiracy that has been afoot at Wizards. With the release of the cipher, the Reddit World of Magic exploded into a frenzy trying to decode the future of Magic as we know it! As the words became clear, people were ecstatic they would be getting a Cube-type product this summer.

Answering the question of the conspiracy, however, has only led to more questions. For example, will these cards be Standard-legal? Will fetch lands be included? This was among the cleverer marketing campaigns Wizards has deployed in recent years, and I am very glad they aren’t scared to try new things. For some, it will take much more than decoding ciphers to find the bright places where boom bands are playing, but there are also people in the world who don’t like cookies. That is all I’m saying . . . 

Feel free to post in the comments on your thoughts and predictions for #mtgcns.

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