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Innistrad Prereleases Begin!


Around the world Magic players are beginning to crack Innistrad booster packs as they take part in midnight Innistrad Pre-Releases happening in their timezones around the world! This set has been generating buzz and discussion for a month as previews rolled out and have been examined, and now for the first time players will get to hold the new cards.

Wizards of the Coast held their employee pre-release last night with stories rolling in via twitter of the craziness and fun times had by all.


While supplies last you'll be able to get your own Mayor of Avabruck Prerelease promo! Check out all the other promos from Innistrad!

Planeswalker Points

Since this is the first prerelease since the introduction of Planeswalker points, it's worth noting that the Prereleases carry a 1x multiplier due to the casual nature of the event. So go out and have some fun!


If you haven't already be sure to check out the 'Innistrad FAQ' released by Wizards, which acts as a primer for unusual rules interactions or new mechanics introduced by the set: Innistrad FAQ.

Tim Willoughby put together the Innistrad Prerelease Primer covering some of what you'll see in the packs.

Redditor 'uberwolf0' has a good list of tips over on the Magic sub-reddit: Some Basic Tips for your Innistrad Prerelease

Good luck and have fun to everyone playing in a Prerelease this weekend! After you're done come by our Facebook page and tell us how you did!

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