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75% Supafriends


I had so much fun doing a Dargons deck last week that I decided to tackle something else that I think is a lot of fun in Commander. This series is fun to me as a hypothetical exercise, although I occasionally build a deck we cook up here (I noticed that Japanese foils of Daxos of Meletis are $5 on eBay, which has to be a sign), but I don’t limit myself to something I have the cards for, which is especially good this week because I want to brew with a lot of something I don’t have any of: Planeswalkers.

We saw a bunch of new Planeswalkers with the new Commander (2014 Edition) preconstructed decks, and one of my Picks of the Week on Brainstorm Brewery recently was The Chain Veil, a card I think is eventually going to be played a bit more as more and more players have access to Planeswalkers they want to play with. However, building a deck with Daretti, Scrap Savant as your commander isn’t going to warrant playing The Chain Veil—I don’t care if it turns on Mox Opal or not. If that card is going to claim its rightful place as a card that goes up in value over time, it’s going to need the help of a deck I’ve always wanted to build.

Super Friends

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded
Super Friends is a deck I have always wanted to build but can’t because Planeswalkers are way too good at selling themselves. I have an easier time selling a Spanish-language Ajani Steadfast to casual players than I do Japanese foil Merfolk to spikes. Go figure. I literally can’t keep a Planeswalker, even Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded, in the display case at the local game store where I sell singles for more than a week or two and I’m cleaned out. Still, I recognize the appeal of jamming a ton of ’Walkers, and the new ones are even more of an impetus.

Still, something as wide open as Super Friends, which is essentially five-color-good-stuff can be really overwhelming. Where do we start? How do we make sure it’s 75%? I think if we identify a guiding axiom or two, it will help streamline the process and help us figure out what the thing we want to do is (besides “generate value until you become an irresistible force”). I think if we build around a theme (Planeswalkers!) and try to work on using scaling spells to gain the most value out of our non-’Walker spells, we’ll be in good shape. We will also be forced to get a bit more creative if we impose limitations, so I think I want to pick a three-color commander with a relevant ability instead of something like Sliver Queen or Progenitus. So let’s get brewing!

Before I post the list, here was my thought process. I wanted to have a commander with some utility that wasn’t five colors, so I took a look at some utility commanders that I like. After a while, I narrowed it down to Angus Mackenzie, Rubinia Soulsinger, and Merieke Ri Berit. I think I want to play Ajani, Mentor of Heroes in the deck, so that sort of rules our Merieke. Angus could be fun, but as much as Turbofog kind of builds itself (Venser, the Sojourner with Stonehorn Dignitary, anyone?), I think Rubinia provides a great way to scale up. Stealing opponents’ dudes seems to be a great way to make up for not having a ton of creatures of my own, and it fits our theme. I don’t see too many Rubinia Super Friends lists online, so I’ll also have to use my brain a bit, which seems fun. All in all, I think I’m ready to go.

Jason?s 75% Rubinia Soulsinger Supafriends Extravaganza ? Commander | Jason Alt

This is slow and mana-hungry, and it for sure needs some tuning, but I was able to find some real gems searching through Gatherer for proliferate cards. For example, I love finding cards like Plaguemaw Beast that solve two problems at once. I like having sac outlets that generate me value, and there are plenty of ways to generate value, especially if you’re proliferating. I think there is a real good basis for a deck here that will grow better as we play with it and figure out what it needs. Maybe there should be some more mana-ramp, like Simic Signet. Maybe there should be more board-wipe. Maybe Vedalken Shackles doesn’t have enough Islands to steal a creature bigger than 3/3. What I do know is that this is a very good example of a 75% deck.

Rubinia Soulsinger
We have scaling out the wazoo. We have a lot of ways— in addition to our commander—to take opponents’ creatures. I especially like narrow but powerful counterspells like Commandeer and Desertion. We are going to use opponents’ stuff to great effect and make sure we never have to give it back alive. Using opponents’ creatures to power our sac outlets is going to be solid. Having Memnarch and Rubinia in the same deck is fun enough, but we’re piling the value on with Helm of Possession and a lot of other cool cards most people will have to read.

Thematically, having thirteen Planeswalkers is probably enough. Having ways to double counters is always cool, and proliferation will be very nasty. Even our combo of Doubling Season and Jace, Architect of Thought fits our scaling theme, and we’ll raid opponents’ decks for goodies the turn we cast Jace if it’s the right season. This isn’t the most Planeswalker-heavy Super Friends deck ever, but we’re also only using ones we can use to great effect. I’m not all-in on Venser being out there to the extent that I run cards like Stonehorn Dignitary, but if I can generate a loop with Eternal Witness every turn, I won’t be mad at it. We have enough emblem-makers here that it could get out of hand, and Venser’s ultimate is too good to ignore.

Limiting myself to three colors and making sure my commander did stuff made it very easy to decide what to build. The commander informed how I tailored the deck and which colors I could use. All in all, this is a great example of a 75% Super Friends deck, and those axioms really took an embarrassment of possibilities and narrowed them down quickly. I think I am playing with the most powerful cards available to me, and it feels good. 75% doesn’t mean “weak,” and this deck proves it. Once this is tuned, I could see this being a ton of fun. Who knows? I may run out and buy all of the Planeswalkers and build this for myself.

That does it for me this week! Tune in next week, when I’ll be tackling another problem—that is, unless someone makes a good suggestion here in the comments section or on reddit. Thanks for reading!

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