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Dominarian Breakfast


Tolarian Academy
When life gives you lemons or your husband cheats on you with some chick named Becky, you make lemonade and then a bunch of nerds make a bunch of terrible jokes on reddit with the word lemonade in ironic quotes as if you as a company wanted a bunch of cards to leak early. That got pretty meta pretty fast, sorry about that. Let's start over with a less aggro intro.

Hi! I like one of the cards in Dominaria an awful lot and I want to talk about brewing with it. When I first saw it spoiled, I thought "That's the card I have been waiting for! It's a Boros commander that deals with something other than combat damage and I can't wait to brew a novel, 75% deck with that card!" 30 seconds later I thought "Yeah, there's exactly one way to build this deck. Huh." The commander in question? Firesong and Sunspeaker. I am still pretty excited for that deck, I'm going to build it, I'm going to laugh like a maniac when I cast Blasphemous Act and Brightflame and I think it's going to make Reiterate go up in price again (though not as much as Mizzix did, probably) but I think that's about all we can say here. Firespeaker and Sunsong basically gets built one way and while that way is a lot of fun, Bruce Richard wrote the article already so go read his article.

Disheartened slightly, I thought about how to pivot from realizing the card I'm most excited about from the partial spoiling of the set won't be fun to read about again. It didn't take me long to find a bunch of other very, very exciting commanders that I'll be writing about very soon --Muldrotha, the Gravetide looks spicy, Grand Warlord Radha finally learned how to hold her mana, Garna the Bloodflame is a high-risk, high-reward commander and Rona, Disciple of Gix is a . . .  high-risk, high-reward commander . . .  also. I like a lot of what I have seen. However, there is one card I'd be remiss if I didn't address first and that's because I wrote about her before she was printed. Remember when I did that? You don't need to be Pepperidge Farm to remember that; it was like a week ago.

OK, not quite a week, but not far off. I constructed a mana base for a deck that didn't exist yet because I was pretty excited that we had a card that, after a little bit of work, did a very good impression of Tolarian Academy, a banned card. No, Academy is banned and Gaea's Cradle isn't because Academy can make 5 mana on turn one, not because it can make 20 mana on turn two, but it turns out that I am OK with a land that can't make 5 mana on turn one because I want to make 20 mana on turn four a lot more. Our deck is 41% finished and we haven't even looked at the card around which it's built. Let's do that now.

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain


Legendary Creature -- Human Artificer

Whenever you cast a historic spell, draw a card. (Artifacts, legendaries, and Sagas are historic.)


We don't have art yet, but we have enough. We were hoping artifacts mattered when we brainstormed about what the Jhoira card might look like and not only do artifacts matter, Legendary creatures matter as well which means we can get card draw triggers by playing cards like Jori En, Ruin Diver or The Locust God. We want to draw a lot of cards and we want to make our spells cheaper to play because I want to load us up with as many copies of my favorite kind of artifacts to put into play -- EGGS!

Named after the Odyssey cycle of eggs, eggs decks chain as many of them together in a turn, using the mana from the egg to play the next egg and the card draw trigger to keep the hand full and if memory serves, the first eggs deck won with Nantuko Shrine. It was a goofy deck which is why I remember it and why I like it. Over the years, our eggs have gotten a lot more sophisticated and that's good because we can't actually play any of the Odyssey block eggs in our Izzet-colored deck. We can, however, play Chromatic Star and friends. With the Coldsteel Hearts and Chromatic Stars, this may end up looking more like a breakfast of Lucky Charms than eggs. Instead of loading the deck up with a bunch of Legendary creatures and building a goodstuff deck, I want to play as many eggs as I can in a turn, drawing 2 cards every time I play one and either using those draw triggers to make a lethal cloud of locusts, dome them with Aetherflux Reservoir or maybe get really goofy and assemble the Station combo from Mirrodin Block. There are a lot of ways we can win and if we're playing free cantrips and double drawing and also fueling Vault of Catlacan, I don't see how we can avoid winning.

I am going to mostly focus on artifacts since I need a lot of utility artifacts on top of our cantrip artifacts but I will sneak a few Legendary creatures in. If we end up generating a ton of mana but don't have a way to win, stealing 10 permanents with Memnarch seems like a fine consolation prize. We want to reduce the cost of spells to play our eggs for free so we can dump our entire hand in one turn so we'll need cards like Stone Calendar and The Immortal Sun and we'll want some mana rocks so that Paradox Engine can keep us going. Paradox Engine is likely the first card I will cut if this turns into just another Laboratory Maniac deck -- in fact, I'm not including Maniac and I'm adding Elixir of Immortality instead. If you want an easy way to make the deck win more, reverse that change. Let's look at how the deck will look!

Dominarian Breakfast -- Commander | Jason Alt

Scrap Mastery
I like how this is bound to play out. If you can stick your commander and protect her or just go off when they're distracted, you should be able to win in one explosive turn, either by killing them with damage from Reckless Fireweaver, the Station combo or just by taking everything they own with Memnarch. You may need to go through your entire deck and then start over which is no problem with Elixir of Immortality. Stick the combo pieces you need and dump your artifacts all over again and get 'em.

You may want the deck to be a little more competitive, and since I tend to err on the safe side with my first drafts, it's possible the only way to make this deck 75% is to include a win condition like Laboratory Maniac. I really want to avoid that, but if you don't care if your deck is truly 75% or not but you rather play for effect and let your playgroup decide how tough they find it to beat you, I would jam that in the deck. I tried to cut down on the number of non-Legendary creatures, but there are several and any one of them could swap for a maniac.

You may want to cut some creatures or non-egg artifacts for some countermagic to make sure you go off. I think Swan Song, Pact of Negation, Force of Will, Foil, and Misdirection are all probably good choices. You can go off with this deck fairly early with a cost reducer and a good sac outlet so having free counterspells to protect the combo seems like a prudent choice. If you find you're too easy to disrupt, why not jam cards like that? In my experience, eggs decks get a lot of resilience from cards like Open the Vaults and we don't have access to anything like that being limited to Red and Blue cards, so a mere Scrap Mastery could be all that stands between us and a lethal Nihil Spellbomb. A card or two to keep you from being disrupted seems like it could end up being a good move.

Paradox Engine
If you want more win conditions, I could see adding something annoying like Capsize or Fanning the Flames to play with the Paradox Engine. You could also add some sac outlets that deal them damage when you sac an artifact like Furnace Celebration which goes hand in hand very nicely with KCI. Remember, finding cards shouldn't be the issue because we can play most of the artifacts in the deck for free and get multiple card draw triggers for each one played. This means even a one-of answer in the deck will be found eventually. Tutoring is cool but with so much redundancy, the massive card drawing you'll get if all goes well should mitigate that quite a bit.

I could see this deck being a lot of fun to play because drawing cards is fun. There's nothing more fun than that. However, the more cards you draw, the fewer win conditions you need and the more linearly the deck begins to play. I think eggs may be a pretty obvious (though not the most obvious) way to build around Jhoira and I think if you get bored, you can definitely keep about half of the infrastructure in place but pursue alternate paths to victory. Remember, it's not just artifacts that trigger Johira, so you could build around Legendary creatures. Add more Planeswalkers. Just remember that lots more cards than you might think draw you a card when you play them. Even Storm the Vault draws a card with Jhoira in play. How cool is that? Feel free to run Fabricate if you must, but I think after a few games you'll see how much you draw anyway and you'll leave Fabricate to the rest of the clowns with their Mishra or Breya eggs decks.

That's all for me this week. We have a ton of great Legendary Creatures to brew with so the next few weeks are going to be very busy. Until next time!

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