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The Current Best Deck In DMU Standard


What happens when the breakout card of the old format meets the breakout card of the new format and three sets worth of cards rotate out of Standard?

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
The Meathook Massacre

You end up with de facto "best deck" after two weeks of play with Dominaria United, that's what!

Time Stamps:

03:02 - Match 1

17:22 - Match 2

37:38 - Match 3

Mono Black Control/Midrange has been absolutely tearing it up in Standard since the release of Dominaria United and it's not hard to see why.

Invoke Despair
Reckoner Bankbuster
Tenacious Underdog

Take many of the prior format's most powerful and proactive cards, splash in some removal and planeswalkers, have the ability to be aggressive or go long, and put it all together with a super clean mana base that never stumbles (not a thing most new decks can say), and you've got a deck that looks to be able to tackle anything.

This is not to say that Mono-Black is unbeatable in Standard! But at this early and infantile stage of the format, its power and consistency are one of the best places to be if your goal is to win your tournament or rank yourself up to Mythic. Players will probably eventually solve the Mono-Black equation - which is something you should probably be working on yourself by the way - but until they do it's sometimes nice to play the bad guy!

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