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Magic Mics: RNA Preview


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Airdate - 1/9/2019

Gather the Townsfolk

RNA Preprerelease tomorrow!





Ravnica Allegiance on Arena 1/17! We’re streaming all day!

Alex Bertoncini banned for life:

GP concession in finals:

Best of 1 on Goldfish:

Jadine Klomparens:

Team Tempo Storm:

Ravnica Art Book:

Sam and future of Rhystic Studies:

Desperate Ravings

No More ORCs:

Sam Stoddard re: designing for Bo1:

Draft Sim updates:

Lotus Tracker - LSV Limited Ratings during drafting:


Wash yo’ self:

Splash Damage

99% Percent Invisible:

No MTGA in China:

New Marvel game from Hearthstone Devs:

The Finisher

Danny Trejo, of Heat, Con Air, and Desperado fame, has recently been selling copies of signed Magic cards. For costs as low as $30, you too can have a copy of Oathsworn Vampire signed by Razor Charlie himself, Butcher’s Cleaver from La Tortuga, or even your very own “Trusty Machete” Machete. We also know that celebs like Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been feeling themselves some Magic: The Gathering recently too, which begs the question: what card would you like to get signed by your choice of Magic celebrity?