Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write
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Airdate - 5/22/2019

First Pick

Modern Horizons Roundup

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Redditor Reacts to Absence of Homophobia in Magic:

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Over 40 Non-Evergreen Mechanics:

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Gather the Townsfolk

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#MTGMCIII Conflicts with MH1 GP:

No More Planeswalker Point Threshold for #MTGMCVI:

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MTG Young Mage: The End:

Openboosters Opens a Beta Lotus:

Desperate Ravings

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“Disorganized Play and the MPL”:

Shaheen Soorani’s “What Competitive Magic Means to Me”:

Original Old Artwork Hitting the Market:

Hascon 2019 Postponed:

Splash Damage

D&D Live - The Broken Pact:

Tfue Sues FaZe Clan:

The Finisher

Last Friday, ChannelFireball let the people know that some of their sales had been erroneously flagged by Amazon. Quote: “We previously contacted you regarding a new online training requirement to continue to offer pesticide products. You are offering, or have previously offered, products that are affected, including for example: Giant Spider, Netcaster Spider, Pallid Mycoderm, Root Greevil, Root-Kin Ally, Spitting Slug, and Spreading Algae.” ...Right... Well, clearly there’s been something lost in translation here, but this does allow for some, shall we say, creep. So what warnings would you like added to your future Amazon orders?