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Convertible Commander: Teferi, Temporal Archmage


Teferi, Temporal Archmage
Happy holidays, everyone! Many of us enjoy this time as an opportunity to spend time with family, celebrate our beliefs, and share with others. I hope all are well and happy, and those of you celebrating are having a wonderful time.

In that spirit, I'd like to borrow a page out of my friend Daniel's book. He's an unusual one, because he looks at Commander a very specific way: it's an opportunity to do the most absurd thing he can imagine. He's been playing since the game began, has never quit and never stopped collecting, and is the player most likely to make the entire table read the card he just put down (often on our phones, because he's a fan of foreign language cards). At a Magic party a few months ago, he did this wild thing where he played a Stocking Tiger, then copied it for all of us and announced he wouldn't block. It was super cool.

So, I thought, what better way to deliver a wonderful present to your playgroup? You've played all year with the group, perhaps, and want to say thanks. But instead of a single Stocking Tiger, what if we have a box of boosters we just want to give away and three other people in our game? Well, let's give them a whole bunch of Stocking Tigers!

Hive Mind
Rite of Replication

With Hive Mind and Stocking Tiger on the battlefield, we can cast a kicked Rite of Replication and everyone will get a free kicked copy of Rite of Replication. If we've done our job correctly, or maybe if we're wearing a red stocking cap, they will figure out what we're doing and simply copy the Stocking Tiger five times, meaning we get to hand them five booster packs. Plus we'll die once they all hit us, so they get to win! Happy holidays!

Since all of our basic combo pieces are in Blue, we can go Mono-Blue, and we may as well use a leader who can help us pull all this off.

Rite of Replication
One thing which should be painfully obvious about this deck: it seriously cannot win. It does not play the game with any intention of wining. The point is to give away booster packs to your friends, not trick them or give them a hard time. So the entire deck is built around that premise. Hopefully your friends trust you enough to let you survive to pull off the combo.

We've got our combo. Stocking Tiger helps us out a fair amount by being an artifact, which is something u is really good at fetching. It costs 5, though, so none of the Mages (Trinket Mage, Treasure Mage, Trophy Mage) can find it; we'll have to hope for a Reshape or something like it. Hive Mind is even harder: we can Transmute for it with Ethereal Usher, grab it with Long-Term Plans, or just use a Wish counter from Ring of Three Wishes. Then we need Rite of Replication, which is a sorcery, so Mystical Tutor will go get it.

We've got a bunch more ways to search for things. Planar Portal and Ring of Three Wishes will search for anything, as will Tamiyo's Journal after a little work. Kuldotha Forgemaster and Inventors' Fair are among the numerous ways to search out artifacts. And Personal Tutor can grab Rite.

We also need a bunch -- and I mean a bunch -- of mana. If nothing else, we need nine just to cast the kicked Rite, but it's going to be even more if we want to pull off the whole thing in a single turn. As long as we're tutoring, we may as well go infinite, right? If we play a Palinchron and sacrifice it to Ashnod's Altar, we can tap all the lands it untapped for 9 mana in the pool. Pay 4 of that to Nim Deathmantle, rinse and repeat until all the mana belongs to you. A mana doubler (think Caged Sun) can take the place of the Altar and the Deathmantle, because with Caged Sun out the uu2 to return Palinchron barely puts a dent in the fourteen mana it creates every time you cast it (although I suppose you pay seven every time, but still. It goes infinite, okay?). Phantasmal Image works too. Or replace Palinchron with Great Whale. Or add that mana doubler to the original combo but use Peregrine Drake. Or heck, just Soulbond Deadeye Navigator to anything that untaps more than two lands when it enters and go nuts. Fortunately, a number of these pieces are artifacts, so we can use our extra artifact tutors to pick those bits up and build our engine. To get started, or perhaps to just get lucky, we've also got a bunch of mana rocks. We might just hit a great few turns and have all the mana we need without comboing off, but even then, the early extra mana will help set up the big turn. Of course, our commander can also untap four permanents, hitting doubled lands, mana rocks, whatever we need.

While we're at it, we'll need to draw cards. Lots of our tutors require that we sacrifice artifacts, so why not lean into it? Rather than using traditional methods like Blue Sun's Zenith, we're going to make a whole pile of Clues with every Investigate card available to us. Forgemaster and the Journal both like that, but we can also just sacrifice them to draw a card and dig for a piece or a tutor. Plus we can play it as leaving a trail of clues for our friends!

Stolen Identity and Saheeli's Artistry can replace Rite of Replication (or join it!) to give away another pack or two. Or, of course, if someone is going to combo off and actually win the game, one of these cards at least gets the giving party started.

This is a great way to get rid of that box of Return to Innistrad or whatever you've been sitting on for a few years. Sure, one of your friends might open something awesome. Who will forget this game?

This deck is a one trick pony, and doesn't really want a companion Convertible deck. Have a happy holiday, everyone! Thanks for reading.

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